The Most Precious Blood of Jesus

May the Most Precious Blood that pours out from the Sacred Head of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Temple of Divine Wisdom, Tabernacle of Divine Knowledge and Sunshine of Heaven and Earth, cover us now and forever.

The Precious Blood Devotion is a daily call to holiness.  At least one of the Mysteries of the Rosary of Our Blessed Mother, followed by the Chaplet, the Precious Blood Litany and the Consecration must be recited daily by a devotee.  This Devotion is the ultimate weapon against Satan and evil spirits.

Above all, the Devotion is a way of life.  The Lord describes it as “the dry and desert way” full of crosses.  It is a reminder taht only through the cross can a soul reach the land of happiness, which is Heaven.  Any other way will result in Hell.  It is a holy call to Catholics and all Christians to return to the True Faith in a corrupt world, deceived by Satan, in which all sorts of Gospels are now being preached even within Catholicism.

Through this Devotion, Our Lord has announced the birth of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and His Glorious Reign on earth.  The world should, henceforth, mark September 14th as the feast day  of  the Triumph of the Two Hearts of Love.  So has the Lord directed.  What remains to unravel in the days ahead is the final showdown between good and evil that will usher in this New Era.  Every prayer, every hymn and every chorus of this Devotion came straight from Heaven.

~Source:  The US Apostolate of the Precious Blood


Act of Consecration to the Most Precious Blood

Blood of Jesus, inebriate me!
O Jesus, my Beloved SavioUr,
ever present in the Tabernacle,
to be the strength,
the joy and the food of souls,
I come to consecrate myself to Thy Precious Blood,
and to pledge Thee my sincere love and fidelity.
Pierced with sorrow at the remembrance of Thy sufferings,
the contemplation of the Cross,
and the thought of the outrages
and contempt lavished by ungrateful souls
upon Thy dear Blood,
I long, O my Jesus,
to bring joy to Thy Heart,
and to make Thee forget my sins,
and those of the whole world,
by consecrating my body and soul to Thy service.
I desire, my Jesus, to live henceforth,
only by Thy Blood and for Thy Blood.
I now choose It as my greatest treasure
and the dearest object of my love.

O merciful Redeemer,
deign to regard me as a perpetual adorer
of Thy Most Precious Blood,
and be pleased to accept my prayers,
my deeds and my sacrifices,
as so many acts of reparation and love.

Heavenly Wine,
giver of purity and strength,
pour down upon my soul.
Make of my heart a living chalice
from which grace shall constantly flow
on those that love Thee,
and especially on poor sinners that offend Thee.
Teach me to honour Thee
and to make Thee honoured by others.
Give me power to draw to Thee cold and hardened hearts,
that they may feel how infinitely
Thy consolations surpass those of the world.

O Blood of my Crucified Saviour,
detach me from the world,
and the spirit of the world.
Make me love suffering and sacrifice,
after the example of St. Catherine of Sienna,
who loved Thee so much
[and whom I choose again today as my special patroness].

O Precious Blood,
be my strength amid the trials and struggles of exile.
Grant that at the hour of death
I may be able to bless Thee
for having been the comfort
and the sanctification of my soul,
before becoming, in Heaven,
the everlasting object of my love and praise.

Saints of God,
who owe thy happiness to the Blood of Jesus;
Angelic spirits,
who sing Its glory and power,
august Virgin,
who to It owest the privileges
of thine Immaculate Conception
and Divine Maternity,
help me to pay to the Precious Blood of my Redeemer
a perpetual homage of adoration,
reparation and thanksgiving.



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  1. Marcia Messado says:

    A most beautiful devotion. I’m sharing with my pilgrimage group, this devotion.


    In the shelter of thy most PRECIOUS BLOOD, O my sweet Jesus, shield me and my love ones from the evil empire of lucifer and from so many dangers and perils that surrounds us in a world so filled with sin. Come, O sweet PRECIOUS DROPS of BLOOD, and let me rest in thy wounds….

  3. SHARON says:


  4. Kathleen says:

    Please pray for Kathleen and her family, including all ancestors and deceased relatives for repentence of their sins and redemption through the forgiveness and the precious blood of Jesus.

  5. Monique says:

    greetings from Netherlands
    God’s blessings to all

  6. Alvina says:

    I want to give my life fully to Jesus, please Pray for me through the Precious Blood that I give up Alcohol…I want to be clean of all that is holding me back from giving myself fully.

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