Healing Ministry of Deliverance & Exorcism Conference Day 2

Msgr. Esseff shares with us his experience at the Healing Ministry of Deliverance & Exorcism Conference at Mundelein Seminary. The discussions on this given day focused on how we are made for happiness and we are designed to love.   Sometimes we neglect the soul and overemphasize the body, and vice versa.  Balance is what we are made for, body and soul.  However, each one of us has wounds in our souls and in our bodies that need healing.  To heal the soul that has been wounded  is necessary to bring about wholeness so that the person is able to  love.  Many have gone for years to psychological services and other health practitioners, but it’s not enough.  Often the spiritual  and healing ministry offered by priests needs to and should work in union with other fields of medicine.

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