Recreation = Re “creating”: the importance of our Sabbath moments and trust in God

Msgr. Esseff, while on break between directing retreats, shares his time of respite that he is taking with family members who live in Sydney, Australia.  He feels it’s so important to appreciate the moments of “re-creating” (or it could be called “recreation”), a Sabbath-type of rest, that allows God to take care of our daily concerns.  One of the purposes of the Sabbath is for man to check his pride…it is a proud man who thinks he can handle matters better than God can.  Msgr. Esseff addresses the anxious disposition so many have to be “busy” in filling time, and it’s deeper level, the fear that may come from some who feel if they rest that they will lose something or not be missed.

St. Charbel

Msgr. Esseff on Sunday morning will speak to over 1000 young people at St. Charbel’s Maronite Catholic Church in Sydney.  He shares a special experience he had which involves a teaching on the great Lebanese saint…St. Charbel.

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